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MonFi is your opportunity to become part of a unique crowdfunding project based on crypto loans. By investing in us, you are opening up a world of opportunities and benefiting from microloans. We provide loans with interest rates ranging from 5% to 25% per month, allowing you to earn competitive profits.

Your confidence and success are our priorities. We aim to create a transparent and efficient platform where everyone can find advantageous conditions for investments and develop their financial strategies. Discover the world of crypto loans with MonFi and enjoy the growth of your investments!

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Our mission

Our primary mission for investors is not just to increase your investments, but also to ensure the return of funds. We meticulously manage risks so that you can be confident in the safety of your investments.

For borrowers, our task is no less important. We strive to make tariff rates as accessible as possible and the process of using borrowed funds – as simple and understandable as possible. We believe that financial services should be available to everyone, and we work to make your experience with us convenient and profitable.

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It's important for us to save
your money and grow your capital
which is the most important task in this day and age.
Our product
the project has division into three phases:
01. Crowdfunding activities aimed at raising funds and their redistribution at a more favorable interest rate for the profit of all participants in a given project.
02. Activities related to microloans to individuals of European origin and residing in Europe.
03. Tokenization project - holding ICO.
Percent icon We give these funds under the insurance guarantee, individuals under the interest rate of which counts from 10% to 25% per month.
Verified icon Our project is fundamentally and mathematically sound. We have an insurance guarantee in case of non-repayment of loans.
Coin icon We make an honest statement about our payouts and maximum available interest rates, they're not over the top, but justified.
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How we work
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Arrow Every investor in our platform or token holder, receives a fixed return on contribution up to 30% per annum.
Arrow Profits are paid out every month by the 10th day, the principal amount of the investment is paid to the investor's proposed account at the end of the investment period.
Arrow Our loans are insured and guaranteed to be paid back.


MonFi Development Plan
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MonFi Token

01 MonFi's Credit/Debit card is a convenient and secure way to access the funds in your MonFi account, making it easy to spend your crypto assets wherever Visa or Mastercard is accepted.
02 With MonFi's credit/debit card, you can easily convert your crypto assets into fiat currency, and use them to make purchases online or in person.
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( Convenience ) MonFi's Credit/Debit card card allows you to access your funds easily, anywhere in the world where Visa or Mastercard is accepted.
( Security ) Your funds are secure with MonFi's advanced security features, including two-factor authentication, fraud monitoring, and encryption.
( Rewards ) With MonFi's Credit/Debit card, you can earn rewards on your purchases, providing additional value for using the card.
( Flexibility ) MonFi's Credit/Debit card offers flexibility, allowing you to spend your crypto assets like cash and make purchases in the currency of your choice.

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Our team

Eugene Kozlov image Eugene Kozlov Co-Founder of KoFi Tech and project MonFi
Dovydas Liaudanskas image Dovydas Liaudanskas Co-Founder, CEO and AML Officer of KoFi Tech and project MonFi
Ilya Ravin image Ilya Ravin CFO and AML Officer of KoFi Tech and project MonFi
Vladimir Kvashchuk image Vladimir Kvashchuk PR Manager and Crypto specialist
Yuriia Beletckaya image Yuriia Beletckaya Marketing and Development
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